Saturday, July 28, 2012

She's Back

2010 (Korean)

2012 (Japanese)

Wahhh! Looking on these two videos, we can see how much Infinite has grown. One, they're voices have become even better and clearer. They have now proven they can sing and rap in Japanese. And two, they've gotten even more handsome with time (if possible. Hehe.)

And yeah, that's all I wanted to post for now.

Woohyun sends the Inspirits his love!

Oh my gosh. His aegyo. I'm going to die. SHO CUTE!

The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl

Wednesday, July 18, 2012



The whistle is back people!  At first, I just thought this song was okay.. Then I watched it again. And again. And again. I love this song so freaking much now. djflksajf;l

To be honest, I'm not quite a "Baby." I mean, I loved "Warrior" and "Power" was pretty good as well. But I dunno, I was really obsessed with them. I can only name Zelo, and I'm starting to recongnize Yong Guk and Himchan. But this song. AMAZING.

Zelo.. Oh how I love Zelo's speed rapping. I"m serious when I say that I repeated his fast rapping in "Warrior." Several times. But is it just me, or is his speed rapping getting shorter and shorter? I mean, it went from six or seven seconds in "Warrior," three or four in "Power," to an almost not there one or two seconds in "No Mercy." Grr.. Oh, and I loved his blue hair. I think I'd love anything on Zelo. But I'd like to see his natural hair color soon.. I don't want to see this boy balding at age fifteen from the constant hair dyes.

I freaking love B.A.P.'s rappers. Zelo's speed rapping and Yong Guk's super deep "man" voice. ~Amazing~ And the guy who was singing soprano was freaking fabulous.

So yeah, awesome, super catchy song. Love love love it!

Look at the cookie I iced! Haha. 

Umm.. It's upside down.. But it says Kpop kay?

Watch "No Mercy"!

-The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl

Monday, July 16, 2012

I love Youtube. So much.

Okay, so I was going around on Youtube, when I found this video.

Oh my gosh.. How absolutely, totally, completely adorable is this?? They're amazing voices, how they move around while they're singing, how they freaking smile while they're singing. And, oh my gosh, L's guitar skills are as wonderful as ever. By the way, did anyone else know that Sungyeol had that many piercings on his ear? I didn't.. I love this song so much because it seems.. I don't know.. more.. heartfelt? There isn't an awkward rap that was just put in there because all the members had to participate. Dongwoo and Hoya are just so amazing that they can rap and sing. I want to say a whole bunch of things, so I'll make it organized and talk about each member individually..

Dongwoo:  Ahaha! This boy never fails to make me smile. He keeps moving around and doing these random "dances." Like those half squats he does with his knees.. Oh Dongwoo.. How I love you..

Hoya:  White is totally Hoya's color. It goes so well with him! And at one point he can't control himself and does this little dance turn thing.. I just want to give him a big hug. Is that weird?

Woohyun:  I love his hair in this. It's simple and just matches him so well. Also, at the end, when he does this quick arm wave, then gets all embarrassed and gives this huge smile..And yeah.. stay handsome Woohyun. Heehee.

L:  L.. Why do you have a pretty face, can sing and dance, AND play the guitar?! It's not fair.. He has the most gorgeous eye smiles too.. Around the one minute mark, he's looking straight at the camera, looking all serious, then looks over at Sunggyu and breaks out in to that wonderful smile of his. L-gyu -is that what you call them?- moment? I think yes.

Sunggyu:  Another member with a great eye smile. His eyes almost disappear when he's smiling. I don't mean that in a racist way either. His eyes are actually part of his charm for me. The way he holds his chest and puts his everything in to singing.. Isnt' that just so amazing?

Sungjong:  Hands down, this guy is absolutely the cutest maknae ever. Those huge innocent eyes of his .. Oh my gosh.. I don't even have words for how totally adorable he is.

Sungyeol: I think there's a reason why they put our choding and maknae next to each other yes? He seemed like he was having a lot of fun in this. And gosh, he's tall isn't he? Hehe..

So yeah, I just wanted to share that with you guys. Because I love you like that.. Kekeke.

-The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Few Things..

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a bit.. And for the U.S. readers, happy late fourth of July!  Now I'm just going to talk about a few things I've missed..

Guess what?  Cheondung from MBLAQ has released his own single! The song is called "Don't Go" and it's really sweet and cute.. He's really good at conveying his emotions in to his singing. That's my Thunder. *smiles as I put the listen to the song. Again. And again. And again* Anyway, if you haven't heard it yet, check it out below.

I'm not really a huge SISTAR fan, but I really love their song, "Loving U." It has a great summer-y feel to it and the music video is the picture of innocence. Almost. With the exception of a few scenes. If I could speak Korean I would be going around singing this song all the time. But, since I can't, I guess I'll just have to settle for humming it. One last thing. Have I ever mentioned how much it really annoys me when song titles have improper spellings? Well it does. I mean, how much more effort would it take to type up two more letters that will make your song seem professional, and not just something a teenage girl thought up. I;m not just talking about this song either. But I'll stop my ranting and let you enjoy the "Loving U" music video below.

Crazy, crazy, crazy.. I love Wooyoung's "Sexy Lady"! It's a great song and the music goes with the lyrics perfectly. Speaking of lyrics, I have to say, JYP did well in putting the English subtitles in the music video. Bravo JYP bravo! Gosh, I have so much to say about Wooyoung in the video! He pulls off the blond hair amazingly, his voice is great even by itself, and gosh does he have arms!! Actually, my favorite part of the video was whenever Woo would give that slight smile like he wasn't really supposed to with the concept, but he couldn't help it. For some reason, I just wish Woo was my best friend. Not my boyfriend.. but my best friend. I think he would do well in either department though, don't you? *winks*

Kay, I hope I haven't missed anything else... Bye guys!

- The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing in the Moonlight

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was really cute and fun. Then... I watched the music video. Apparently, they're singing about cheating on their girlfriends. Umm... not quite the image I'd like from you B1A4. The song and music video are great, really. The chorus is really catchy and the members did a good job acting.. It's just the meaning of the song I don't really enjoy.

Did anyone else find this adorably funny? Jinyoung just runs in and bumps, erm, rears with Sandeul. It was like they thought "secret handshakes" were too common so they did that instead. I love how they just made it look complete casual and normal. And the duck sound effect? I LOVE THE EDITORS. So so much.

I think the directors were trying to portray B1A4 as bad boys with scenes like this.

But how am I supposed to see them as bad boys with adorable scenes like this?

And this.

Gongchan is the only one who could wear cowboy boots like these and still look amazing.

Jinyoung: Don't you just love this megaphone? It's just so red and.. red. It's the best thing ever!

Sandeul: Wait.. I am supposed to clap right? Where is everybody?

CNU: You can't deny the puppy dog eyes.

I have to say, B1A4's hair is, as usual, amazing. You can't go wrong with simple hairstyles like these.. but it'd be nice to see something new and fresh on them, especially on CNU. The outfits were great, except for Sandeul's in the first picture. It just looked too.. Not Sandeul-like.

As I said before, I don't like the meaning of the song, but I think the music video and the meaning matched up well.

If you haven't watched B1A4's "Baby Good Night" yet, watch it here.

By the way, did anyone else think that Baro said "I'll feel bad for you" at the beginning instead of "Off to bed with you"?

-The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl

A Tribute To Dongho

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONGHO!! My adorable maknae is a man now. Enjoy the pictures below.. I don't need to say that do I?

Dongho: This collar's too tight.. I'll just casually loosen it..

Dongho: We call you "Kissmes" for a reason. 

Dongho: ..I don't know what I'm supposed to do with these.. but I'm still cute right?

-The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Things First..

Hi!  I'm The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl, or just The Fangirl.  I am completely, totally in love with Kpop and almost everything that has to do with it. 

How It Started:

Setting: Living Room, Before Kpop Obsession
I'm sitting on my couch, and searching through Netflix, for lack of nothing better to do.   Something bright pink catches my eye; the title is Boys Over Flowers.  Hmm... why not?  I quickly discover that the whole thing is in a foreign language.  I might have quit right then, but I was intrigued and continued.  That's what started my addiction to Korean Dramas.

But wait!  What about the story behind your love for Kpop?

Setting:  Kitchen, roughly two months after Boys Over Flowers
I'm on my computer, and I'm about to start a new drama, called Dream High.  A few minutes in, an extremely cute guy catches my eye.  I quickly look him up, and I find out that his name is Jang Wooyoung and that he's in some band called 2PM.  I decide to see if the band's any good, and upon the first music video, I'm hooked.  I'm totally in love with this sort of music called Kpop.  As my obsession grew, I started to branch out to new bands like SHINee, B1A4, and more. I've now decided to share the love with all the Internet peoples out there on this blog.  *rubs hands together* Now for the fangirling! Bwahahaha!

Woo, why must you be so adorable?

-The Obsessive Kpop Fangirl